Q. Is it true that the two finest live bands in the world both reside in Amsterdam?

A. That's right. The Ex and the Dog Faced Hermans are both from Amsterdam!

Q. Why do Babe the Blue Ox rule my world?

A. Well, there's Rose, & oh yeah, their crazy dynamo rhythm chaos balanced with a sense of beauty.

Q. What's this I hear about a new bi-coastal acoustic revolution?

A. Well, it's led by Ani Difranco (Buffalo) and Tattle Tale (Seattle). These women wrench new levels of transcendence out of their acoustics.

Q. Is it true that the corporate consumer culture has turned me into an easily-pleased passive drone with no creative outlet?

A. That's a fact. But you can fight back! Pick up an object. Bang it, pluck it, rub it, just make some noise. Invite friends over. Have a "freeform jam."

Q. Why do the best emo bands only last three months?

A. It's actually enforced by law. US. Code 5296.7: 3-month limit for emo bands. To go beyond the limit, a band must submit an "Emo Expansion Form" - hence, Fugazi's long life.

Q. Will KZSU expand my mind in wild and pleasurable directions?

A. You betcha! And it's not illegal! Yet.

Q. Is there any band or thing that can follow the apocalyptic intensity of Neurosis?

A. Only one that we know of: the post-apocalyptic pounding tribal rites of Crash Worship.

Q. When will the apocalypse come?

A. Soon. Actually, it's already here. Remember: revolution over reform.

Q. Are there any freak musicians who know how to deal with the apocalypse?

A. Yup. They live near Austin, Texas. The Zendik Farm Band. Got a farm, too.

Q. What can I, as a poor, untalented, clueless, non-musician, do to become part of a joyous musical celebration?

A. First, (the short route) join a drumming circle and dance or play the shaker. Second, (the long way) become a freak. Join a farming commune. Hell, why not just go for it: become self-sufficient in the woods, cultivate your tribal, animalistic nature. Organize an underground tribal revolution. Create a new society by boldly taking a leadership role. Boldly divert public funds to your pocket. Pay a musician to teach you something. Learn it, play it. Oh yeah, you could also just listen to KZSU.

KZSU Sports calls itself Stanford's sports leader, and why not? We provide coverage of five Stanford sports, with live coverage of games at home and on the road.

This year, KZSU was the only place to catch live play-by-play of the Stanford women's volleyball team in their drive to a national championship. Additionally, KZSU has marched into post-season play with the men's and women's basketball teams, and hopes to do so with the baseball squad as well. While Stanford football had an off year, you could still hear every one of Steve Stenstrom's record-breaking completions on 90.1 FM.

So if you're into Stanford sports, get into KZSU 90.1.

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