Wednesday Night Live

Wednesday Night Live is our weekly program featuring a live performance by local musicians right here in our basement studios. On the air since 1988, WNL has played an important role in the Bay Area music scene by providing exposure for up-and-coming acts before they take the rest of the world by storm. Some of the artists we've had in the past few years include Penelope Houston, Barbara Manning, Primus, Green Day, Thinking Fellers Union, Swell, Splatter Trio, Henry Kaiser, Dieselhead, Three Day Stubble, Spitboy, Stephen Yerkey, Idiot Flesh, Screw 32, Vienna Noise Choir and Foundation for Public Broadcasting.

You can hear WNL every Wednesday night at 9 pm: two sets of live music, and a conversation with the artist(s). We've featured everything from bluegrass to grindcore, with jazz, country, pop, folk and industrial between. Stay tuned for upcoming shows.

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