Dystopia Interview

Mauz of Dystopia, screaming at 924 Gilman Street.

(A brief interview w/Secret Agent) Dystopia is a unique grindcore band from the LA area. They successfully combine lots of samples, dreamy/scary guitars, low rumbling vocals, high-pitched screams, intelligent lyrics about how much humans ruin everything... Dystopia recently played a show at Gilman street (with Highway 66, Radioactive Lunch (RIP), Wellington and Excruciating Terror). They didn't disappoint. They delivered an intense set of their blend of hyper, spastic gloom. After the show Chanel and I talked with Dino (drums and vocals) and Matt (aka Mauz, guitar and vocals). SA=Secret Agent, SPIBG=Stupid People in Background.

SA: So you guys are Dystopia and you're from...

Dino: Crapsville USA, we're from where all shitty bands come from...

SPIBG: Orange County

Dino: Orange County.

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with Dystopia, but it is some guy who played on WNL.
SA: You guys have been around for awhile. How come it's so hard to get records out and get your releases?

Dino: Because we're fucking slack, and we have to pay for them all ourselves, and Todd smokes too much pot. Michael is the only one that gets things done. Mauz gets things done, but he's taking off for two months, so Darrel's gonna take things over and Darrel's just our idiot friend who drives us everywhere but Darrel can't do a damn thing right so we'll probably get nothing distributed. Other than that we're doing okay with releases. We've got a split 7" coming out with Suffering Luna...

Matt: It's out...

Dino: It's already done, it'll be out soon with Suffering Luna from South Central. And then we have our own 7" coming out with four songs. It's gonna be released on Common Cause, probably in a couple months. We're gonna work on the artwork while he (Matt) is gone.

Chanel: (to Matt) Has anyone ever noticed that your guitar sounds a lot like the Cure?

Matt: I take that as a compliment. Thank you.

Dino: Well, Mauz left his lipstick at home, but he usually wears a nice rouge and he highlights his eye-brows too.

SA: Does he paint his nails black?

Matt: They're naturally black.

Dino: No, but he paints his penis black. Oh, and Mauz is in the Masturbation Liberation Front and he wants to say hi to all his friends.

Screw 32 plays at Gilman a lot, but they didn't play with Dystopia. Check out some things Screw 32 likes .
SA: If you guys could play the perfect show, who would you be playing with?

Matt: It would be Black Maggot and AC-DC and Dystopia and Venom, old Slayer and Grotus.

Dino: And Devo.

SPIBG: (mumbling something dumb about Madonna and fire engines)

SA: Anything you guys want to tell the Bay Area?

Dino: We suck. Save the environment, shoot yourself in the head.

SPIBG: (something dumb about Social Distortion).

Check out Dystopia's full length release Human=Garbage on Common Cause Records. Watch for new releases soon.

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