Incantation Show Review

by the Organ Donor

For those of you who missed the show at the Mission Rock Resort on June 11, here's a little review of what went on. This may be a little sketchy because I'm really sick right now and I feel like utter shit. Nonetheless, I'll try my best to bitch, complain, praise, whatever. First off, the club was in a really shitty location. It was right next to the Bay and the piers. Thus it was cold as fuck. The show was outside and there was no room to mosh so all the meatheads were disappointed. The tickets were 7 bux but the club made everyone who was under 21 pay 3 dollars extra for the bar. What bullshit. Anyways, the line-up sounded promising so I didn't really care where I was at the time. The opening band was Pale Existence. A lokill bay area death metal band that has been growing in prestige. They were excellent. They played very well and were very tight. They concentrated more on playing well than they did on putting on a show. The next band was Exhumed; the infamous gore death metal band from San Jose. Unfortunately, their set was cut short and they only got to do three songs. My guess is that the sound fucks got mad when Exhumed started to eat and throw around cow guts. After their set, the ground was covered with blood stains and chunks of pale flesh. Around the time Exhumed started their set, the guys from Incantation and Kataklysm set up a little record shop. The Kataklysm dudes were selling their own merchandise while the Incantation dudes were selling both records and Incantation stuff. Overall, the prices were good for death metal stuff and these guys brought fuckin tons of shit that you can't find at any other record shop. For instance, they had one copy of the Derketa 7" (band that became MYTHIC) that is so out of print that it isn't even funny. Unfortunately, I passed it up for some MINCH 7"'s(also out of print) and some stupid freak nabbed the Derketa before I could get back to it. O.K., next up was Abscess; a band made up of members from Autopsy, Hexx, and Immortal Fate. They dished out a sicker, heavier old skool death metal with lots of hardcore grind influence. They were drunk as fuck, but they still put on a fuckin great live show. Chris Reifert (Autopsy) started out on drums but sang a few songs while Freeway (Immortal Fate) drummed. Chris was drunk off his ass and went nutz with a sort of black concoction that he smeared all over his face. He was falling and tripping over all the cords while the other two on guitars ran around and tangled up the whole set. When it was over, there was a huge mess of cords and the drum set was strewn all over the area. Cool. After the mess was cleared up, Kataklysm from Canada hit the stage. They were brutal as fuck but a bit untight. I recognized a lot of their songs and their overall delivery was amazing. Unfortunately, their singer was a bit of a freak and made all these goofy motions towards the sky and moon. It looked like he was practicing his karate. Of course, I should have suspected he would be a cheesehead since the Kataklysm lyrics deal a lot with fantasy and all that science fiction crap. If you thought Bolt Thrower was bad with their Warhammer obsession, you should read what these guys write about. It doesn't even compare. Finally, at about midnight, Incantation hit the stage. Even after all the line up changes, they are still without question the best death metal band to ever exist. Duanne Morris of Embalmer and Decrepit took over as guitar/vokills and played exceptionally well. These guys must practice like crazy. They were the tightest, most precise band that I have ever seen live. Watching them play the songs that I have been listening to on tape was just absolutely amazing. Anything I say cannot even match their superiority. As you can tell, I was really, really impressed with their musicianship. Overall, the show was pretty good. It was worth waiting around for Incantation but I noticed that a lot of the crowd had left even before they hit the stage. If it was indoors, I think that I would have been able to enjoy it better, but it was really fuckin cold and I didn't really feel too good. I actually think I got sick that night. Oh well. Just remember to see Incantation whenever they're in town. You will be amazed!

Canada's Strapping Young Lad plays on OD's show, while OD attends his high school prom.

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