While the grid layout in the center of this guide may be the easiest way to present our entire summer schedule in one place, it certainly doesn't do justice in describing our musical shows. This portion of the guide gives our DJs a little more freedom in telling YOU about their shows...


"The first century of Stanford and the blues both! I will present an outsiders glimpse into the world the blues came from, and the one it lives in now. I will almost completely ignore Stanford's first hundred though, huh? Any excuse for a party." - Shiney Mic, Thursdays at Noon

"Classic rhythm and blues from the 40s to the 90s featuring live interviews, blues concert calendar, new releases, old classics and chestnuts, blues news from around the world, and weekly blues frivolity with the Byrd of Paradise." - The Byrd of Paradise, Saturdays at 9AM

Also be sure to check out the Blue Velvet Show Friday mornings at 6AM.


Leonard and the Byrd of Paradise celbrate Mardi Gras.

"If you like toe tapping music and parties then this is the show for you - the best of southwest Louisiana." - Leonard, Saturdays at 6AM


"Twice nominated for "Best Program on a small station," Sunnyside Up airs every Sunday morning from 9AM - Noon. Bruce plays a nice mix of bluegrass, folk, and alternative country and features Riders Radio Theatre at 9:30." - Bruce, Sundays at 9AM


"24 words describing funk would do you about as much good as memorizing the alphabet backwards. Tune in, get in the groove, and funk out." - Alex, Mondays at 6AM


"Wicked bizarre instrumentals brought from the tiki gods to a skull mug brimming with potent delicious rum drinks." - Dr. Sauce (PhD), Thursdays at 3PM

"The newest and coolest garage, punk, surf, and trash with other nice and trippy sounds. Strong emphasis on the local scene, Plus live artists and interviews." - The Lovechild, Sundays at 3PM


"Death Warmed Over revels in the diseased and festering sounds of death metal with heapings of brutal grind; slow, torturous doom; and manic noise." - Christine Death, Tuesdays at 9PM

"Metal the way it used to be - metal for old-school folks." - Dad, Tuesday nights at midnight

"I'm going to play hardcore, both new and old. Underground grind, crust, noise, local punk, maybe a little older punk, free jazz, and classic funk." - Zodiac Iller, Wednesdays at 6AM

"A thrash and death oriented metal show, drawing somewhat from industrial, hardcore, and traditional heavy metal." - NMV, Friday mornings at 3AM

"The last massive regurgitation of death, gore, noisecore, grind, punk, crust, and industrial, by the mighty, rancid entrails masticator - organ donor." - Organ Donor, Saturdays at 9PM


"The Mental Assault - hardcore hip-hop with dj's, specialist Kool DJ Rize and hosted by Jake Nice and Rymeskeme." - The Mindbenders, Tuesday mornings at 3AM

"The Dopestyle Memorial Peyote Turquoise and Ambrosia Provisional in short is the Dopestyle show, 2010. A long hiatus from the airwaves has culminated into a thrallingly advanced hybrid of the original show. Warning: this show is not recommended for the closed-minded and irrefutable bone-heads." - Dopestyle, Thursday nights at midnight

"Hip hop, ruff-n-rugged, on the real." - MSmooth, Fridays at 9PM

"The fiercest. Hip-hop in all phases, come and get some." - Kevvy Kev, Sundays at 6PM


"Take a 3 hour road trip with Kara Whacked on Hot Coffee and a Full Tank of Gas. The Scenic Route includes acoustic, indie, folk, and pop. Side roads into country, punk, spoken-word, etc...taken liberally. Who knows where you'll end up." - Kara Whacked, Mondays at 9AM

"A slick show of classy surf, spy music, and indie." - Fritz Gringo, Monday nights at midnight

"Listener: I am quite flattered that you tune into my show. I will play you the best of what I've found in my music shops across the nation, around this magnificent globe, the music that rocks my world: along with some random junk and non-music for those of us with short attention spans." - Red West, Tuesdays at 6AM

"Join Scotty M as he takes you on a journey though indie pop havens down new wave highways, over punk streets and all around the musical spectrum." - Scotty M, Thursdays at 6AM

"Indie rock, indie pop, and brief forays into jazz, ambient, experimental noise, and whatever happens to be lying around at the moment. Mmmmmmmmm....smorgasbord." - Nick, Thursdays at 6PM

"Indie rock slightly upbeat including punk, poppy melodic thrash, garagey, trashy sounding stuff. Some surf instrumentals and jangly, folksy ballads also." - Tom, Friday nights at midnight

"Music to drink beer to, music to sit in the dark and look at your lava lamp to, music that gives you goose bumps all over. And it's brought to you by one hell of a guy." - Big Chief, Saturdays at 6PM


"Freely exploring so-called jazz music with a multiplicity of approaches." - Cat, Mondays at Noon.

"Jazz, improv, world, contemporary classical - striving to be evil." - Eva, Wednesdays at 3PM

"Improvised music without and within the jazz tradition, with an emphasis on post-1960 free jazz. Will occasionally feature old, old jazz and non-improvised (composed) 20th century music." - Stewart, Thursdays at 9AM

"Fiercely creative music of all kinds, particularly avant-jazz and free improvisation. Focus on local scene. Recent guests have included La Donna Smith, Michael Moore, Larry Ochs, Myles Boisen, and Gino Robair." - Klee, Fridays at Noon. What a cool dude .


"Guest dj's weave together updated primal music in the form of house + techno trax." - DJ Unknown, Tuesdays at Noon


"The process: a hilarious cacophony of regurgitory acoustics brought about by the destruction of a record, once a week. This record is given away to a lucky listener of said show." - Sundays nights at midnight


"Feminists, old school punks, grease monkeys, indie rockers, queers, artsy brats, surfers geeks in love and rabble rousers - every misfit gets detention sometime." - Queenie, Wednesdays at 6PM

"A mystical punk show that includes heavy shit, as well as obscure stuff that fits no genre." - Don & Ellery, Saturday mornings at 3AM

This is a best of old and new hardcore punk rock show. Probably the hardest punk rock show the FCC would tolerate. - Linus Up, Saturday nights at midnight


"This show is devoted to profiling Jamaican music past and present along with relevant historical and current information. Occasionally the show features interviews and guest appearances with other DJs, artists, or experts." - Russell, Tuesdays at 9AM

"Reggae music in a dancehall style. Playing music from new singers and dj's. Also taking your requests. Tune in. Shock out." - Troy, Thursday mornings at 3AM


"A bible studyset to music, featuring jazz, reggae, r& b and rap artists. All music designed to bring you into God's presence. God inhabits the praises of his people; come lift jesus higher! Hallelujah!" - The Watchman, Sundays at 6AM


"Sometimes we'll listen to relaxing music, sometimes it'll be a mix of 16 different things all at once. Mostly it'll be special songs of organic nature." - David, Sundays at Noon


"Traditional and contemporary music from around the world." - Mary, Wednesdays at Noon


"Stalking on the edge of new music." - Kitty, Mondays at 3PM

"Crossing Borders traverses musical styles and origins in a flow. African beats lead to techno to Bach. Trips from San Francisco's avant-jazz scene to the cold mountains of Tibet." - Ofer, Monday night following P.A. City Council

"Your connection to Ken Cheetham's Bay Area Progressive Calendar. The music will be lots of new stuff, with a focus on erratic contrasts of musical styles. There will surely be a handful of grindcore tunes and there may be an appearance of skronky jazzy stuff. Hardcore and emo will be peppered throughout. Every once in a while you might find a gospel blues singer sandwiched in. And of course no show could be complete without some occasional industrial clanking and drum machines." - Stefan, Tuesdays at 3PM

"Touches lots of musical bases. Thrown together smoothly. Variety almost always. I make an attempt at playing everything I like. Don't be frightened, you might like the next sound." - Mike, Tuesdays at 6PM

"A showcase of music and spoken word by artists who portray society, its people, its problems, and its politics in the musical medium. Also book reviews, guests, interviews, call-ins." - Vadid, Wednesday mornings at 3AM

"A detailed discovery of your mind and how it is connected to every other mind. Through sounds of heaven to chaos you travel; enjoying music of the past and awaiting music of the future." - Jesus, Wednesdays at 9AM

"Gabe's musical attention deficit disorder is your gain as he guides you all over the musical map." - Gabe, Wednesdays at 10PM

Post-industrial noise, hard-edged folk, down-to-earth world music and interplanetary jazz. Tune in to the second hour for a celebration of the joys of personally improvised noise, and in the third hour for 45 minutes of music on a theme. The Voice of Doom, Thursdays at 9PM

"Punk, Blues, Reggae, jazz, country, world, and the most important news of the week from the weekly world news - i.e., Bigfoot, UFOs, floating nuns - news that matters. It's like Mom's homemade stew, everything's in it." - Coles, Fridays at 9AM

"Prancing over the boundaries of radio as we know it. Every kind of music imaginable. Live games. Live reports from the Global Mobile Music Search Unit, from Indonesia to Stanford. Plus eco-interviews and live music." - Glenn, Fridays at 3PM

From apocalyptic noise to soothing guitar wash, hear the sounds of tomorrows fire through a jaded ear. - Tim, Fridays at 6PM

"Full on sonic attack on the sense of hearing in moogie wonderland." - Simon Barsinister, Saturdays at Noon

"Devoted to wandering the electronic spectrum with emphasis on atmosphere and heavy beats." - Kamake, Sunday mornings at 3AM

"Like the weather in the midwest, you never can be certain what you might hear on An Epiphany of Sound. And to borrow a phrase, 'If you don't like what you hear, wait a few minutes, it'll change.'" - J.C., Sundays at 9PM

"Strange grooves plus...jazzy/funk, hip hop, ambient/noise/weirdness, industrial, experimental. Makes your head smile." - Heather, Monday mornings at 3AM

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