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Tell the judge I said it was alright	(thanks B.)

"For who is there of all the flesh that has heard the voice of the living 	
God speaking out of fire, as we have, and remained alive?"			-- Deuteronomy 5.26

Nauseated witness for it I've become,
this infinity & life Fate on me breathed;
(my own crucifixion-complex
splits apart [this skull)     like mountaining earth, profanes the endless 			
with treading above waves]; I can't even finish
one sentence without

shivering.  The package is fleshy, wax
sealed of clay, and dreams then I of the first
gargling intake
-- upsideout slapping me brain & buttocks --
reality kaleidoscoped through time
into consciousness

then begging, drooling & for death shivering.
On this day, twenty days from my twentieth
birthday    I have none 
to answer to, still myself -- the order is
of the coming day (identical in form to it's 4 billion pasts and 4 billion 		
		futures) so I turn yet to close this decade
still shivering.			(Huckleberry)

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