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KZSU has lots of opportunities for you to get involved in non-commercial radio, such as music reviewing, engineering, publicity, promotion and even putting together the program guide.


DJ training is open to the community. If you've always wanted to hear your voice on the airwaves or wish you could hear your favorite genre of music but just can't find a show that is to your taste, KZSU is the place for you.

Organizational meetings are held at the start of each quarter. The time and location is announced on the air . Or you can call for details or directions at (415) 723-9010.


Moula. Cash. $$$. If you don't want to see us transmitting out of a car using a walkman, we are gonna need big bucks SOON. We have become largely self-supporting due to the loss of most of our student funding. And the little bucks help with things like this publication. YOU can give us money and your contribution will be tax deductible. Or, if you know a business that would benefit by reaching our listeners, our underwriting department wants to hear from you. We won't even tell them that you told us to hit `em up.


If you would like to continue receiving this program guide, all you have to do is fill out and send in the little form below. We'll keep you on our list for another year. It doesn't cost you anything but a stamp and it will prove to us that we are not just another pretty face in your junk mail recycling bin. At the same time, you can vote for your favorite show.


Have your homeboys and girls been hopin' and prayin' for a chance to make it on Wednesday Night Live? Send in your vote. Let us know who you think is the very best. The winner of our Program Guide poll will audition for a show at the beginning of the Winter Quarter.

I want your guide. Send it to me, free!

I want your guide so bad I'm even willing to send you $9.00 for a year's subscription.

Make checks payable to KZSU.

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If you like, you could always print this out, and mail it (Hopefully with lotsa cash) to

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    Stanford, CA 94309
In an attempt to


the KZSU DJ's even more, Kara Whacked hit the halls of the KZSU basement to ask your favorite DJ's a pivotal and intricate question. She asked each DJ to travel back in time to their senior year in high school and to recall for our amusement what their favorite band was at that key time in their life. The answers may surprise, horrify, and perhaps, even bore you.

  • LEONARD: Janis Joplin
  • KITTY: Ride
  • CHRISTINE DEATH: Metallica
  • COLES: The Tubes/B-52's
  • SEAN: The Ramones
  • MIKE: Metallica/Anthrax
  • ROBIN: Tower of Power
  • CAT: Gil-Scott Heron
  • ROMAIN: The Carpenters
  • DAVE: Gorilla Biscuits
  • TIM: Smashing Pumpkins
  • MARY: Frank Zappa
  • LIZZIE BOREDOM: Nirvana/R.E.M.
  • SCOTTY M: Depeche Mode
  • EVA: Velvet Underground/Pogues
  • KLEE: Television
  • STEFAN: Bad Brains
  • BYRD: Muddy Waters
  • BIG CHIEF: Dead Kennedys
  • SIMON BARSINISTER: Jesus and Mary Chain
  • GRANDMA NUT: My Bloody Valentine
  • JIMMY: Sugar/The Pixies
  • CAID: Primus
  • FOURFA: R.E.M.
  • DR D: The Platters
  • GREG: Earth, Wind and Fire
  • QUEENIE: The Damned
  • RUSSELL: Neil Young/Rickie Lee Jones
  • CHANEL: Rush/Sparks
  • KEACH: PJ Harvey
  • ZAQ: Rage Against the Machine
  • JEANNIE: Brainiac
  • LOVECHILD: Clash
  • YASMIN: Erasure
  • VOICE OF DOOM: Patty Smith Group
  • GABE: Rainbow
  • RAY: Yes
  • SEAN BRENNAN: Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
  • KARA WHACKED: Human Sexual Response

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