Skeletons In The Record Player
Kara Whacked surveyed the KZSU DJs to find out what music they listen to at home that they don't play on the air. Here is what she came up with:

KITTY: 3 hour Mozart Operas, modern rock

MARY: Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, Donovan

BYRD: Jazz, reggae, big band

BRUCE: Thelonius Monk, Grateful Dead, Frank Sinatra, Pink Floyd

LEONARD: Western Swing, Big Band

LIZZIE: The Beatles

TIM: Led Zeppelin

DAVE: Green Day, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Metallica, Nirvana

GABE: Marshall Tucker Band

KLEE: Björk, Al Green

COLES: The Rolling Stones

QUEENIE: Patsy Cline, Jim Reeves

YASMIN: Eurythmics, Cat Stevens, Nine Inch Nails, Jimi Hendrix

RUSSELL: KRS ONE, Stan Getz, Enya, Grateful Dead, Kate McKenzie

EVA: Public Enemy, The Minutemen

STEFAN: Berlin, Beck, X, Violent Femmes, Tom Petty

SEAN: Morrissey

MONKEYWRENCH: The Cars, The Smiths, Pink Floyd

JIMMY: Bluegrass, Bill Monroe, Hip-Hop

SCOTTY: Human League, Gary Numan, KMFDM, Front 242

ORGAN DONOR: KC and the Sunshine Band, Steve Miller Band, Hendrix

DR. SAUCE: 60's Ska, The Jam, The Undertones

GLENN: Tapes of his own band


CHI-HUI: Thompson Twins


KARA: James Taylor, Madrigals, Frente!, Classical

Melissa Beckham


1. Bull-Roarer
2. Orgasmatron
3. Wind Wand
4. Tables
5. Washboard
6. Water-filled Bowls
7. Whistle
8. Wood Flute
9. Balloons
10. Human Voice
Music is for everyone. Don't leave it in the hands of "professionals." The more you create, the more control you have over your own life.
Consumerism = Death.
Creation = Life.

We want heaven, and we want it now.
Create your own heaven.
The world is your playground.

Poetry by the Random Word Generator Submitted by Plugh

His doubting
Her repairable magnolia
An unbeknown placation was
An untrodden clamor was stringing
His plush plant was campaigning the
His armour-clad hoofer was causing a figure
Her expended bewitchment was fastening an account toward
An uncrowded right was straightening the offense into their
An inverse wildfire was triggering its blaze after an extinction.
An unrepentant nitecap was fielding his landing like a
An intraspecies tree was washing an indigo upon
A thorough poppy was clouding her locker
Its unsociable baby was declaring his
Its obtainable sinus was wincing
Her matching defunctness was
An unwearable calliope
Its sliding

lizzie Boredom

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