Welcome Hello. Once again KZSU has changed its programming schedule. What this change means is you'll be bombarded with new sounds from new DJs and both new and old sounds from old DJs. It also means that we get to treat you to yet another program guide filled with reviews of all sorts, random words, art and pictures. Did we mention the new show descriptions and when to tune in to hear them on the airwaves?

Don't forget the essential information:

To contact us:

P. O. Box B
Stanford, CA 94309
Request Line: (415) 723-9010
Business Line: (415) 725-4868
Email: info@kzsu.stanford.edu
WWW: http://kzsu.stanford.edu
A whole bunch of DJ type folks spent a lot of time doing this guide. All the input, comments, suggestions, criticisms and submissions are deeply appreciated. Thanks to Creative Publications, Mountain View for letting us use their computers.

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