Kevvy Kev

Top Ten Words of '95
1. Picayune
2. Tensile
3. Ghosts
4. Ta-Tas
5. Galoshes
6. Peripatetic
7. Sessile
8. Rivulet
9. Kef
10. Tautology


1. Iva Bittova Ne Nehledej (BMG/Frekvence)
2. Parker/Guy/Lytton Breaths & Heartbeats (Rastascan)
3. Volapük Le Feu du Tigre (Cuneiform)
4. Holmer/Waefeman/Fajt Macaronic Sines (Lowlands)
5. Blast Wire Stitched Ears (Cuneiform)
6. Shelly Hirsch O Little Town of East NY (Tzadik)
7. Honkies Who Eats? (Megaphone)
8. John Zorn/Fred Frith The Art of Memory (Incus)
9. Stein Koenigzücker (Rough Trade)
10. Tomoko Mukaiyama Women Composers (BVHaast)


Loop Guru Duniya
EBN Communications Breakdown
Mouse on Mars Iaora Tahiti
Spacemen 3 The Singles
Autechre Amber
Skylab Skylab #1
Cyber Hum Elevated
Sven Vath
Honorable Mention:
Of Skin & Saliva Sahul
Klange Time3/Time2
Electronic Co A Pert Cyclic Omen


Best LP Mobb Deep The Infamous
Best 12" Genius Labels
Best Independent Release: Dark Skinned Assasin
Best Bay Area Release Hobo Junction (EP)
Best New Artist Smooth Da Hustler
Best... ish Not Released in '95: Kool Keith Solo Project
Best M.C. w/o a Record for '95: O.C.- watch out for '96
Best Mix Tape Doo Wop Vol. 2
Best Record Label Loud Records
Best Independent Label Wreck Records


1. My trip back to St Louis' snow
2. Leon's Bar-B-Que SF
3. New cats Grady + Skillet
4. Subscription to Weekly World News
5. Garlic
6. James Brown in Oakland
7. Standing next to the world's largest thermometer at the gateway to Death Valley
8. Starting the union at Tower Records
9. Scaling Angels' Landing in Utah
10. Cigars


Sumatra:Batak Music (Inedit)
Iva Bittova Ne Neledej (Frekvence/BMG)
Morocco: Crossroads of Time (Ellipsis Arts)
Anna Homler Macaronic Sines (Lowlands)
Music of Indonesia 4 (Smithsonian Folkways)
Heiner Goebbels Ou Bien le Debarquement
Secret Museum of Mankind, 1 & 2 (Sanachie)
Aka Pygmies Nzomba (Carbon 7)
Paolo Modugno Le Bald et la Mouche (New Tone)
Central Africa: Songs for Reflection (Ocora)


Aurobindo Involution (Ash)
Capoeira & Taiko Live at Stern Grove
Crash Worship Live at The Trocadero
Drummers Of Burundi Live at Zellerbach
Hair & Skin Trading Company Psychedelische Musique (Freek)
Jegog: Bamboo Gamelan of Bali (CMP)
Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Live at Wheeler
Laika Live at Slim's
Melt-Banana Live at the Kilowatt
Optical*8 Bug (God Mountain)
Panasonic Vakio (Blast First)
Seefeel Succour (Warp)
Spiritualized Live at Slim's
Splatter Trio with Myra Melford Live at the Hyatt
Tindersticks Tindersticks (London)
Tindersticks Live at Bimbo's
Toho Sara Toho Sara (PSF)


1. Team Dresch Personal Best
2. Henry's Dress Henry's Dress 10"
3. Excuse 17 Such Friends are Dangerous
4. The Donnas Let's Go Mano! 7"
5. Sleater-Kinney Sleater-Kinney
6. Spitboy/Los Crudos 12"
7. Initial State Abort the Soul
8. Mankind? Find Your Future 7"
9. Multi Facet In My Mind 7"
10. The Brentwoods Fun in South City
11. Scared of Chaka Hutch Brown Sangwitch
12. The Drags Dragsploitation Now! 10"

Dr. Sauce

1. The Brentwoods Fun in South City
2. Jackie & the Cedricks/Go Nuts/Count Backwards Live at Bottom of the Hill
3. The Donnas Let's Go Mano 7"
4. The Donnas Live at Los Gatos Teen Center
5. Guitar Wolf Live at the Purple Onion
6. Jimmy Smith Live at Kumbaa Jazz in Santa Cruz
7. Cybermen Got a Groove EP
8. Los Cacahuates Live in Germany


Lil Brian & the Zydeco Travelers Fresh (Rounder)
Louisiana Saturday Night (Ace)
John Delafose & the Eunice Playboys w/Geno Delafose Blues Stay Away From Me (Rounder)
Clifton Chenier Anthology (Rhino)
Geno Delafose & his French Rockin' Boogie (Rounder)
Steve Riley & the Manor Playboys (Rounder)
CJ Chenier Too Much Fun (Rounder)
Swamp Gold Volumes 1, 3, and 4 (Jin)
Johnnie Allan Promised Land (Ace)
Lynn August The Hot August Nights (Blacktop)


Tilos Az A music club in VIII. Budapest, 1989-1995 R.I.P.
Tilos Radio back on the air 1 Sept '95, this time with a license Montenegran techno
Italian "casa nostra" rap
Polish Hard Rock e.g. KAZIK
Jean Michel Jarre Live at Eiffel Tower, 14 Jul '95


Harry Partch 17 Lyrics of Li Po
Shizuka Live Shizuka
Eugene Chadbourne & Jimmy Carl Black Pachuco Cadaver Wavelength Infinity (Sun Ra tribute)
Parker/Guy/Lytton Breaths & Heartbeats
Nels Cline Trio Ground
Braaxtaal Braaxtaal
Goldby/Schott/Dunn/Wollesen Junk Genius
Kirihito Da Vi De Bo
Steve Lacy Quartet Revenue


Southern Culture on the Skids Dirt Track Date (Geffen)
Teengenerate Smash Hits (Estrus)
Voodoo Glow Skulls Firme (Epitaph)
Ol Dirty Bastard Return to the 36 Chamers (Elektra)
New Bomb Turks Pissin' Out the Poison (Crypt)
Raekwon Only Built 4 Culson Linx (RCA)
500 Miles to Glory Gearhead Magazine Compilation
(Red Devil)
Citizen Fish Millenie Madness (Bluurg/Lookout!)
Swingin' Neck Breakers Shake Break!
Satan's Pilgrims Sweet, Sultry, & Swinging (Estrus)

Red West

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Luther Allison Blue Streak (Alligator)
Toni Lynn Washington Blues at Midnite (Tone Cool)
Paul Butterfield Lost Sessions (Elektra)
Meeting Tyone Davis in his Chicago nightclub
Meeting Sly Johnson backstage at the Chicago Blues Fest
Byrd of Paradise Band, Live at Gordon Biersch of Palo Alto, & the same day emceeing the Buddy Guy Show
at Dinklespiel Auditorium
Interviewing Willie Kent & Bonnie Lee on KZSU
Opening Blues on B club in San Mateo
Driving across the country BOTH WAYS!!


1. Morton Feldman Patterns in a Chromatic Field (Hat Art)
2. Shelly Hirsch O Little Town of East New Yoek (Tzadik)
3. Michael Moore Trio Chicoutimi (Ramboy)
4. Iva Bittova Ne Neledej (BMG/Frekvence)
5. Double Trio Green Dolphy Suite (Enja)
6. Parker/Guy/Lytton Breaths and Heartbeats (Rastascan)
7. The Honkies Who Eats? (Megaphone)
8. Graham Connah Group Snaps Erupt at Pure Spans (Sour Note)
9. Sumatra: Batak Music (Inedit)
10. Splatter + Debris Jump or Die (Music & Arts)


1. Strapping Young Lad Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing(Century Media)
2. Battlegrounds (Mokum)
3. Sielwolf Metastasen(Van Richter)
4. Ambush Lach (Common Cause)
5. Def Master/Discordance Axis 7" (H.G.Fact)
6. Epidemic Cause 8" flexi (Epidemic Cause)
7. Dystopia/Suffering Luna 7" (Theologian)
8. God Appeal to Human Greed (Big Cat)
9. u-ziq In Pine Effect (Astralwerks)
10. Commode Minstrals in Bullface Toi-Noddingturn Fan 7"(Commode Minstrals)

The Watchman

Top Ten 1995 Christian Releases
1. Abraham Laboriel Guidum (Integrity)
2. Chris Falson Live Worship w/CF & the Amazing Stories (Word Maranatha)
3. Christafari Soulfire (Gotee)
4. Nu Joi Nu Joi (Proclaim)
5. S.S.M.O.B. Papa Didn't Raize No Punkz (Metro One)
6. Kim Rutherford Brand Nu Vision (Proclaim)
7. Marc Cooper & Friends Glory Glory (Savoy)
8. Third Day Third Day (Gray Dot)
9. ETW Psychotheosocioghettopathic: The Escape (Forefront)
10. Rick Coetzee Hiding Place (Word Maranatha)
Honorable Mention:
T-Bone Tha Life of a Hoodlum (Metro One)
Danny Chambers Never Be Shaken (Intersound)


Count Backwards
Loli & the Chones
top 50
1. COLL: A Slice of Lemon Lookout/Kill Rock Stars
2. Fibulator Unhammerlike Jim Wilbur
3. COLL: Teenage Zit Rock Angst Nardwuar
4. God Is My Co-Pilot Puss 02 Dark Beloved Cloud The Making of Americans
5. COLL: Wavelength Infinity: A Sun Ra Tribute Rastacan
6. Team Dresch Personal Best Chainsaw/Candy Ass
7. Screw 32 Unresolved Childhood Issues Wingnut
8. Red Aunts #1 Chicken Epitaph
9. COLL: Death Is Just the Beginning III Nuclear Blast/Relapse
10. Henry's Dress Henry's Dress Slumberland
11. Destroy Necropolis Sound Pollution
12. Genius/GZA Liquid Swords Geffen
13. Raekwon Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Wu-Tang
14. A.F.I. Answer That and Stay Fashionable Wingnut
15. 5,6,7,8's The 5,6,7,8's Au Go Go
16. God Is My Co-Pilot Mir Shlufn Nisht Avant
17. Born Against Rebel Sound of Shit and Failure Vermiform
18. Nomeansno Worldhood of the World (as such) Alternative Tentacles
19. Mary Lou Lord Mary Lou Lord Kill Rock Stars
20. godheadSilo Elephantitus of the Night Kill Rock Stars
21. Guided By Voices Alien Lanes Matador
22. Unwound The Future of What Kill Rock Stars
23. COLL: Oi! Skampilation Vol. #1 Radical
24. Coyle & Sharpe On The Loose 213CD
25. Ennio Morricone: A Fistful of Film Music Rhino
26. Masada Aleph DIW
27. Lead Belly Lead Belly's Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways
28. Blackalicious Melodica Solesides
29. Genius/GZA Liquid Swords Geffen
30. Drags Dragsploitation Estrus
31. SDTK: Kids London Recordings
32. The Honkies Who Eats? Megaphone
33. Cub Come Out Come Out Mint
34. COLL: Our Band Could Be Your Life Little Brother
35. COLL: The Long Secret Harriet
36. Man or Astroman? Live Transmissions From Uranus Homo Habilis
37. COLL: Hodge! Podge! & Barrage From Japan Vol. 2 1 + 2
38. Mermen A Glorious Lethal Euphoria Toadophile
39. D.O.A. The Black Spot Essential Noise
40. Rrope Rrrrope Smilex
41. God Is My Co-Pilot Sex Is for Making Babies Les Disques duSoleil et de L'Acier
42. New Bad Things Freewheel Candy-Ass
43. Red Krayola Amor and Language Drag City
44. Fugazi Red Medicine Dischord
45. Hair & Skin Trading Co. Psychedelische Musique (Lava Surf Kunst) Freek
46. COLL : Funkmaster Flex Presents the Mix Tape Vol. 1 Loud
47. Excuse 17 Such Friends Are Dangerous Kill Rock Stars
48. Smears Smears in the Garage Dionysus
49. Optical*8 Bug God Mountain
50. COLL: Lip: The CD With A Big Mouth Ruby Throat

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