Wednesday Night Live

Each Wednesday at 9PM, live music emanates from the KZSU studios. Airing almost weekly since 1988, we have hosted a wide array of Bay Area talent, including such "biggies" as Green Day, Primus, Henry Kaiser, Skankin' Pickle, Zulu Spear, Broun Fellinis, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, Mermen, Kotoja, and MIRV, as well as many amazing unknowns.

Wednesday Night Live Peak Moments of 1995
Charming Hostess vocalized Balkan-style and babbled freely
SF Seals jangled mightily and bantered wittily
Plaight (from San Mateo High School) soared with sonic tension
Ovarian Trolley rollickingly rocked
High-Fives revved-up and rocked the house
No Less pummeled with group chaos
Oxbow wailed majestically
Ragady Anne (now The Electrocutes) and The Donnas held a fun-fest
What We Live ventured into passionate jazz wonderlands
Perilisium Cantos exploded in a frenetic drive
Schlong blitzed us with hick-punk craziness
Screw 32 had a hella good time playing screwball punk
Stephanie Mechura acoustically charmed in wonderful ways
Crawling With Tarts tinkered on their aluminum foil ramp
San Mateo High's Plaight Barbara Manning of SF Seals

Above - Barbara Manning of SF Seals

Left - San Mateo High's Plaight

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